Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

I fell in love with football on 1998 and I fell in love with Arsenal since then. Initially, I supported that club because my favorite player, Dennis Bergkamp played there. But gradually, I began to love this club to the smallest aspects. The beauty of their football philosophy, the financial performance, the culture of the Gooners (Arsenal supporters) and all of their tiny things. There are lots of people come and go from this club, but there is one that still hang in there. He is Arsene Wenger, The most successful and the longest-serving manager in the club history.

Since 1996, he gave us 3 Premier League titles, 4 F.A. Cups, created The Invincibles squad, made a fantastic football philosophy and a brand new managerial system, brought the club to the highest level than before and finally was asked to resign for bringing no title for eight consecutive seasons and the lost of some greedy impatient players. To be honest, this is the most ironic and silliest story in the club history.

I can only keep supporting this club and hope this silly drama ends well. For the club, for all of  the Gooners and specially for our greatest manager, Arsene Wenger.

For all of angry Gooners, Dennis the God once asked “I really like Arsenal. But you, yes, you. Do you really like Arsenal? Or just Arsenal with trophies?”

So, What are you?

At the end, I hope I can see the whole team at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, very soon. And definitely with Arsene Wenger as the club manager.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.


One thought on “Arsene Wenger

  1. I respect your commitment to Arsenal F.C, but I understand how fans easily grow frustrated with the lack of titles, although quality has been existent within the Arsenal squad for years. Instead of firmly holding his players, Wenger sells them and invests the money on young prospects which are proven to not be of a EPL winning-caliber. Money has to be spent on players if Arsenal want to retain status as one of the “Big Four”.

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